Wednesday, 25 April 2012

My first felting adventure

How I have not been addicted to this up to now, I don't know...I found that I enjoy felting incredibly.

As my first project, I felted the sleeve of my old denim jacket.

The writing translated: The gift of is from a Persian proverb which says: A green leaf if the gift of Darwish.

I am going to do so much more felting...its painting with needle.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

2" x 1.5" purse, needle tatting

I managed to easily fit in £52 in this tiny purse (a £50 note + 2 £1s)

Sometimes our normal purse doesn't fit in our tiny elegant party bag...and we only need so much money for a party. So this elegant little purse would do the job perfectly.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Lace and paper earrings

I made the paper beads from scratch, stamped and edge-tinted them
The finding is Stirling Silver

Friday, 20 April 2012

Secretly Enjoy Life necklace

Copper polymer clay and Stirling silver.

I made the chain myself :)))

Engraving says: Secretly Enjoy Life

Shademany (JOY) pendant - copper clay

Made with copper polymer clay, gold and silver accents, wooden bead and adjustable cotton string (Stirling silver findings).

The Persian writing on it (Shadmany) can mean two things, really:
1) can mean Shadmany, JOY
2) Can mean Shaad-Many, Remain in joy

Wednesday, 18 April 2012


These I made with paper, lace, wire, glass beads and Stirling silver

Monday, 16 April 2012

zhoozhed-up skirt

Bought this skirt in a charity shop (It was minus the red bits and the black tulle)

I used to wear black a lot in the past...but now lack of colour affects me so much

So I wore this skirt a couple of times and felt that it was missing something.

So I got some black tulle...stitched red ribbon on the edges and sewed it under the hem of the skirt...

also I used tiny tiny red heart buttons at the fron and the back to accent the red.

Now it's groooovy skirt.

Home made cheese...with tarragon (HOW TO)

To make this yummy cheese at home

heat 2 pints of whole milk and some salt until it simmers
continuously stirring

put 2 layers of meat-cloth together
and wet them thoroughly
then lay them on a sieve

Juice 4 lemons

Take the simmering milk off the heat...and add in the lemon juice
it starts cutting the milk instantly

Leave it be for 5 minutes until it does its thing

you'll see milk is separating 

then pour the contents of the bowl slowly inside the
meat-cloths which are over the sieve
Pull the corners of the cloth together
(I made a knot at the bottom and made the cloths like two sacks before hand)

attach a string to the top of the cloth and hang it over the sink
(My sink is slightly away from the door handle above it
so I placed a bowl underneath to catch the drippings)

I am not sure how long you ought to leave it like that
I guess until it gets to the consistency that you prefer
I left it for 8 hours
Then I kneaded some more salt and pepper and powdered tarragon with a tea spoon 
and put it in small pots



Thursday, 5 April 2012

Image Transfer

I tried a very simple image transfer method...inkject printer on material
I didn't make the cushion cover...just sewed on my transfer.
The flower has faint sparklies...which doesn't show in the picture

And this is the detail

Made this for a darling friend in US

This is when she got it, wearing it  :)))

And this is when it was ready to be shipped (Had to wait till she gets it before posting a pic, not to spoil the surprise

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

My tiny tiny things

The set of tiny coffee dishes, we think they are ivory...they were given to me by my dear cousin, Sylvie...they belonged to her mother, darling Giselle (RIP). As well as the tiny wooden clog.
The small horse and the frog belonged to my stepmom.

I found this box which was a gift and was for incense and its holder...painted the edges with gold and placed a gold string.

They are now the pride and joy on my studio wall.