Monday, 16 April 2012

Home made cheese...with tarragon (HOW TO)

To make this yummy cheese at home

heat 2 pints of whole milk and some salt until it simmers
continuously stirring

put 2 layers of meat-cloth together
and wet them thoroughly
then lay them on a sieve

Juice 4 lemons

Take the simmering milk off the heat...and add in the lemon juice
it starts cutting the milk instantly

Leave it be for 5 minutes until it does its thing

you'll see milk is separating 

then pour the contents of the bowl slowly inside the
meat-cloths which are over the sieve
Pull the corners of the cloth together
(I made a knot at the bottom and made the cloths like two sacks before hand)

attach a string to the top of the cloth and hang it over the sink
(My sink is slightly away from the door handle above it
so I placed a bowl underneath to catch the drippings)

I am not sure how long you ought to leave it like that
I guess until it gets to the consistency that you prefer
I left it for 8 hours
Then I kneaded some more salt and pepper and powdered tarragon with a tea spoon 
and put it in small pots



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