Saturday, 12 May 2012

Paper clay bowl

Collected all the unwaxed paper packaging

tear them into pieces
Then soak them in water for 24 hours 
blend them in blender
add a tiny bit of flour and starch (I also add some diluted PVA glue)

It becomes a paste (sorry forgot to take pictures of that stage)

Place a piece of cling film on the outside of a bowl upside down
Cover it with the paste

Leave to dry for a few days till TOTALLY DRY

Sand all the bits that is poking out off
I used a dremel and also poked some holes in it
(made sooooo much dust...make sure no pets are in the room, that the room is well ventilated and you wear
safety goggles and a joke...the dust was whoosh!!
Also, if using dremel - remember this is paper and can burn...
so do the sanding in phases and allow the tool to cool)

I used gold and acrylic brown for the base
(allow to totally dry before applying extra layers)

Then I put a red layer on top...and when dried I patted more red on 

Then I painted the inside gold

and here is the finished result with gold thread threaded through the holes and some beads for handles

Can be used to hold fruits, plants, or anything really

and some pics of the detail

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  1. thanks so much. Always wanted to know how to do that. Love your results too.