Saturday, 30 June 2012

Treasured gift

My friend's mom's (RIP) old coffee maker (I hope she would have been so happy to know how much my pens and I love it) ♥

Friday, 29 June 2012

Niki's Silhouette

This is made with a picture of my friend's profile, and everything recycled:

The back board is from a shoe box, stamped and varnished and edged
The metallic layer is a coke can which I embossed free hand
and the silhouette is cut from an old Christmas card
the ribbons even where wrapped around a gift someone gave me ages ago.

I hope she likes it :))

A Challenge

Do you remember these cuffs that I tatted a few months back?

My friend's daughter is getting married and asked me to make a tiara for her with this design.

To be is a daunting project, because making a tiara is harder and more intricate.

I shall so my best and will keep you posted of the result!!

(But i am excited to see how wire and tatting go together).

Crazy Tomato

Following up to my crazy pineapple...I wanted to make a crazy tomato for my friend who has recently redecorated her kitchen in red and black.

The tomato went crazier than intended!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

My home made beads with various clay

With left over of any clay I use, I make beads

These in my oldy woldy Boots box are a mixture of dry clay, polymer clay, silk clay and ceramic

Every day I wiggle them around the tin (like the sound of them in the tin) and think of what to do and I whipser: 'soon...preciousssss'!!! LOL eventually they will be used somewhere...meanwhile I keep adding to the tin

My June 2012 Treasure Hunts

I have bought these in various shops, each for no more than £1

Monday, 25 June 2012

Polymer texture pendant

I was experimenting with lace, net and tulle on polymer...and I like the result

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Many thanks to:

I did what she said with the difference of adding gloss varnish to the mustache...cause poirot's mustache is always shiny :) and I added Poirot's signature at the back :)

Monday, 11 June 2012

Silk Clay - My latest passion

Silk clay is light as a feather, and spongy and very very comfortable to wear.

My hands were in so much pain from doing crafts day in, day after a few days of rest, I decided to try Silk clay as it is much less taxing on the hands than other clays. And I have been delighted with it.

I made these items using the hand-made moulds I had casted with polymer in the past (using whatever ornaments etc I had around the house).

The above writing is in Persian and means: This too shall pass

silk clay button stamped with nail art gems
This one - I mixes a bit of white with blue

I made a mold out of the button I used to make the blue pendant and made this brown one...same pattern, this one is outy.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Never buy celery again

Buy a stalk of celery...cut the bottom bit as soon as you get home, place the cut end in water.
In a couple of days it starts shooting new stalks...plant it in soil...and it keeps growing...I have 5 pots and they keep giving me and my hamster enough celery :)))

Here is one I potted today.
The pot is a fast food drink cup, make a punch hole or two at the bottom and decorate as you will