Monday, 16 July 2012

Hand made travel backgammon set

Board: Made with felt and I made patterned stamps with cardboard and rubber for where the pieces sit on the board
Bag: Felt (Buttons of the bag are made with left over clay from the pieces)
Pieces and the dice: Polymer clay

A good friend of mine who now lives abroad is visiting England and is coming to me this week with his new lovely bride.
Twenty-odd years ago, I taught him backgammon...and he became so good at it that I lost every game to him after a while. And every few years that he comes here and visits me, we have at least a few fierce 5 set games.

So 'for the good old times' I made this travelling backgammon set to give him when he comes here.
The pieces have his initial stamped in them.

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